Saturday, 21 February 2009

Dip dab dash...

What a week. Evil Ben has been putting in some serious hours to meet the deadline to get Martin's sick '55 vert finished to get up to SPL for dipping. Martin came down Thursday and after a long day of fettling, got the car in the luton and away!

The Brasilia got more than one step closer too this week, the gearbox raise has caused some knock on mods to be required, as everything is 4 inch higher than designed, so some entertaining clearancing and exhaust experimenting was needed.

Body off...and of to blasters soon.

Monday, 16 February 2009

secrets, lies and espionage...

Well with two Volksworld show deadline builds, that were meant to be under-wraps to a certain degree, the updates have been a bit few and far between as we've been ploughing into getting them underway. However, as someone has let the preverbial cat out of the whatsit.... here's some teasers...

here's the kerb crawler...

Not the most recent shots, cos we wouldn't want to reveal too much!!!!

Also got Tims engine in his 71 deluxe bay.

Conveniently sandwiched - ooo,err- between Retrodubs, and Evil Ben's - Non of us claim to be the largest VW specialist, but through working together, with combined skills and experience, and a can-do attitude - we build high end quality vehicles
whilst still offering friendly day to day services from lowering to MOT work.

a shot of Justin's shop - Retrodubs

Evil Ben's

and some of his panel work on Martin's '55 vert

his not so detailed Voksworld project....